Mishmash - We collect collectors

We all seem to be collecting something or the other in life.
Degrees. Gifts. Jewelry. Coins. Clothes. Toys. Trophies.
Souvenirs. Mementos. You name it.
We seek objects that help us remember, relive and curate our experiences.
Or those of others, from other eras. Still, some of us infuse so much joy
and passion into the act of collecting, they transform it into art.
Like artists, they seek above, beyond and behind ordinary perception
and find rare and exceptional beauty in the most unexpected places.

They pluck items out of obscurity, and with precise, persistent patience,
restore them to their full glory, or unite them with others of their kind.
The resulting collections are as unique and surprising as the collectors
themselves. That’s what mishmash© is all about.
Collectors and their collections. It’s about fun.Investment.
Trading. Fulfillment. Bringing serious collectors out of the basement
and into an exciting new world of connections and opportunities.

mishmash© is a tool for collectors to showcase, browse and share
what they love. It hosts a powerful visual browsing and tagging engine
that helps you easily find and connect with other like minded enthusiasts.

With mishmash©, you can enrich collections with smart tags,
tell their stories and share them more meaningfully with others.
You can explore and develop what interests you.
And discover how it relates to the rest of the world.
Quite simply, the more you put into mishmash©,
the more you get out of it.

Share your latest collection, whether classic matchboxes
or the most trendiest Japanese toy robots.
Connect with other collectors. Comment on their collections.
Create a visual marketplace with E-bay linked items.
Keep your friends on Facebook and Twitter up to date.
Use the extensive search engine to find rare pieces,
missing links and treasured collections.
There’s a place for every collector and every collection.