Diddo (7-7-'77) is an artist whose work spans the spectrum from conceptual art to product design.

To date, Diddo’s projects have appeared in many publications around the world, such as The Independent, Wired, Financial Times, The Huffington Post, Vogue, Vice, Rolling Stone, etc. Along the way, he has aroused the curiosity of curators, creators and tastemakers, receiving requests from the likes of Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

He finds inspiration in examining the space between what we think and what we allow others to think for us. His work is an attempt to define the border between perception and reality, and the process, which turns image into icon.

With his ‘Designer Gasmasks' for example, Diddo orchestrates the shotgun marriage between the Military Industrial Complex, and the farcical self-centrism of high fashion. “Designers Gasmasks plucks the strings of the satirically subversive; prodding the basest motivators in all of us, and artfully allowing us to simultaneously feel both disgust and material yearning.” He shows us things we don’t want to want, but we do.

Like much of Diddo’s work, ‘The Womb’ presents itself as an intriguing product. It’s real power, however, lies beneath the surface, in the questions it raises, and thoughts it provokes. Where do we start from and where do we end up? Or do we? ‘The Womb’ inspires us to investigate which side of this divide we call home. Our lives send out ripples of influence like stones dropped in still ponds. ‘The Womb’ records these impressions and preserves them for future generations.

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